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Dunya Affairs, a platform of Worldly Affairs.

Dunya Affairs has started working in 2010 to serve internet users with most authentic and summarize news that has all ingredients but in short and fair way. Affairs of various aspects of Dunya is posting here. Dunya Affairs is trying to make affairs(news) in short way so that, users will not be bored while reading them and will acquire their need in no time. Users can also send us their affairs, can post affairs of world and we will post them in better way for you. Your affairs(news) are our responsibility so we will manage and protect them with our words.

Affairs of Science, Technology, Entertainment as well as sports are also updated time by time. It’s age of science therefore, knowledge should have to be kept up-to-date to deal with them. These posts help the students in making their presentations and other assignments.


Affairs are actually the relationships between two people. This relation may be positive or may be negative. For this, Dunya Affairs is trying to make the affairs positive relationships between two people. Here, you can post your hourly, daily, monthly, yearly or even all affairs, such affairs which are irrevocable to solve by you. Our team or members here will try to solve these with full reference from the Holly Books and by giving examples.

The percentage of affairs is increasing so rapidly that are causing serious problems for everyone. But you are climbing victims of these like our forefathers and similarly same will happen with next generations. So, don’t give up and solve your affairs by using affairs portal. Nothing is impossible and you will realize life actually exists.

Right Said:

Man is not the creature of circumstances; whereas circumstances are the creature of man.

Dunya Affairs Motto

If you feel positive then you get positive.

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