Trump is not the President of All. Why?

Trump is not the president

After the results of American elections, the whole world was talking about the Donald Trump. New questions rose on media related to his personality and policies that he has to introduce after taking oath as a president.

Every person might know the day 21st January, 2017 when Trump became the president of the super power America and many opponents who were not happy were on protest especially women. The biggest protest was in Capital Washington in which women take much part. And this protest was named as “Woman March”.

Why women are so against Trump? Not a single woman is against him but hundreds of them.

Women are basically watching their future in risk due to past statements given by him. It is to be clear that many women have accused him of sexual assault. Sisters march are organized for solidarity with women protested in Washington. A lot of people are with American women.

Who is happy and who is not? Whatever Trump’s policies will decide his real motives.

What do you think?

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